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FLAG  Ozone Frenzy FX 9m and MBS Comp 95 2/3

Rédigé par Fanfoue,
Publié le Monday 3 March 2008.

MBS Comp 95

I choose the Comp 95 MTB from MBS.

The first thing you see when you buy such a board is the "Board Chooser" on the front of it, it is here to remind us that if we buy the wrong skate we can buy another one. At 400$  per skate everybody can do to (ironic).

Board Chooser [Full]
   Multi purpose tool [Full]

Here is the MTB, as you can see Jeremy Clarkson seems to be ecstatic buy thinking of the overall performance of the product.

A map is drawn on the deck and the paint seems to be quite good.

The MTB [Full]
   Deck [Full]

One part of MBS skates come with "Matrix" trucks, according to what I read on those trucks, they are quite strong, easy to use and maintain compared to classic trucks.

Matrix trucks are very different compared to traditional truck (which come from skateboard). With these truck, to rotating part is parallel to the deck instead of being perpendicular.

Sensibility of the truck can be managed with a tool and by changing some little plastic blocks call eggshock. Their strength vary to you can decide which one fits you best.

 Eggshock Yellow
  Eggshock Orange
  Eggshock Red

Matrix Truck [Full]
   Holes [Full]

The bindings are quite similar to snowboard bindings with a quick release system.

Fixation [Full]
  Quick release [Full]

A multilingual user guide is provided.

As you can see my trainers already like the MTB.

User Guide [Full]
   My trainers like it [Full]

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